Artemis Armchair

Artemis Armchair

Artemis is a soft brown chair, in reinforced polypropylene with glass fibre, worked in slats, particularly suitable for being outside, or for being used in public spaces, such as school, universities, offices, meetings rooms, conferences rooms, waiting rooms, and private workplaces, but it can easily find the right collocation even in a modern, young and informal kitchen. it’s a chair with a clean and linear design, without edges or corners, that’s why it’s really versatile and suitable to the space it needs to occupy. it’s pleasantly comfortable, thanks to the ergonomic backrest and to the harmonics armrests. its lightness guarantees an easy way to transport it, and thanks to the materials it can easily be cleaned. its soundness keeps it protected from stretches,marks, bumps, and weather conditions. At the end of the usage it can easily be stored or stacked.

Dimension:  82.0 cm. x 58.0 cm. x 58.0 cm.
Packaging: 230.0 cm. x 95.0 cm. x 58.0 cm.

Other informations:
Q per pack: 22.0
Code: 116519

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